Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This year's top bands

The old year's almost over, time for a bit of summing up. So here are the top 10 artists (as of 1:40 PM CET) with the most setlists in the database - along with the great people that have been looking after their favourite artists and that are always keeping the statistics clean - you really rock:

  1. R.E.M. - 789 setlists - bigdaycoming
  2. U2 - 780 setlists - beau99bigdaycoming
  3. The Rolling Stones - 628 setlists - bbgun_301
  4. Dir en grey - 397 setlists - beau99
  5. They Might Be Giants - 214 setlists - beau99
  6. Björk - 190 setlists - sicko
  7. Alice Cooper - 188 setlists - michi
  8. Red Hot Chili Peppers - 150 setlists - xxrobynx
  9. Depeche Mode - 126 setlists - michi
  10. Pearl Jam - 125 setlists - riazor
Thanks for all the effort and keep rockin in 2009!

Friday, December 12, 2008

New features and adapted guidelines

Today a major update went online and we improved and added quite a bit. So what's new? Here the new features in brief, but please consider having a look at the guidelines, especially at the new example to read the details.

1. Unknown songs
If you're sure there was a song, but you don't know its name, it's now possible to add an @Unknown tag. Example:
2. @Info for whole concerts
If not only a song but the whole concert was special, add @Info[your text] in the very last line of the setlist. Thanks to Jay for suggesting that one.
3. Gravatars is now supporting avatars from, just upload your gravatar there and it'll be included into your profile, your edits and your comments automagically (if you use the same email address). 

4. on twitter, myspace and
To stay uptodate what's happening on, follow us on twitter - don't worry we'll be tweeting no more than once or twice a week - don't be irritated from previous tweets, we'll change that behaviour. If you're on, add us as friend - the same applies for myspace!

5. Thanks
Thanks to all of you boys and girls out there that are keeping the setlist-statistics clean and that keep on adding setlists! Thanks to Luis, Luis, leglessmoof, RobinBeau, raistnaarson, tgelbrecht, emicom and all the others!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Farin Urlaub Racing Team in concert

Being a member of "The Best Band in the World" on weekdays, Farin Urlaub chose to do some solo stuff. But he actually didn't plan to perform his songs on stage or to go on tour. But due to popular demand he founded a band called "Farin Urlaub Racing Team" (FURT) in 2002 and went on tour. 

Now he's back on tour with his fourth album (the first studio album of FURT). He already sold out big venues such as the Palladium in Cologne, the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt or the Sporthalle in Hamburg in advance but also plays at lesser known locations such as the Tenniseventcenter in Hohenems/Austria where he played yesterday in a quite - well let's call it intimate atmosphere. Although with some spaces in the audience left, Farin Urlaub didn't lose his humor and seemed to be quite amused to see the smallest "Wall of Death" in history. After all great, funny and - as usual - long show featuring 29 songs of all of his albums. Here's the setlist:
And what's up next? In Extremo, Grossstadtgeflüster and Russkaja! Check out for great concerts.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Artist of the week: Kosheen

Since the late 90s Kosheen amaze their fans with their quite special mix of different music styles. They play a perfect blend of what the books call "Trip Hop", "Drum and Bass" and "Rock". But that's the only thing books can tell about the trio from Bristol because books can't define the speciality of their concerts. And the good news is: they're constantly touring. 

With a Bob Dylan like endurance it seems as if they never rest. On saturday they play at a very special location - even for them as I can imagine: they play in the newly built 3.3km long Achrain-Tunnel with an incline of 5%. 
Here's a setlist of one of their concerts last year:
As far as Saturday's concert is concerned, stay tuned, you'll find it on - for sure.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Die Toten Hosen are back!

Mach das Flutlicht an (turn on the floodlights) ... one of Germany's most popular rock bands is back on tour: Die Toten Hosen from Düsseldorf (photo with Bob Geldof). It's their first major tour after their 2004/2005 "Friss oder Stirb" world tour that also led them to Argentina, where they're quite popular as well. 

Now after more than three years, they're back with a huge setlist of 33 songs in Mannheim and 35 songs in Chemnitz. Their tour "Machmalauter" features 23 venues. 21 of them in Germany, one in Vienna/Austria and one in Zürich/Switzerland. Just like AC/DC, their concerts sold out immediately.

If you're among the lucky ones who did manage to get tickets for their gigs or if you're just interested in what they play this year, just visit Die Toten Hosen setlists on regularily, and you won't be disappointed ;-)

rock and roll!

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Photo by u2005 (flickr)

Chuck Berry in Concert (Innsbruck/Austria)

Chuck Berry is, without controversy, one of the greatest rock and rollers of all time. Being among the major influences of numerous well known musicians, such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or the King himself, Mr. Berry is one of the last living legends that still are on tour, and still rock the house.
So I braved the elements and rode through this year's first snow through the alps. Fearless. To find the sign you see on the photo which explains that the gig has been cancelled due to Chuck being ill. Unlucky - both Chuck and me. But maybe that's the price you have to pay when you're still on tour with 82 years. So let's hope Chuck's feeling Goode again soon and will be able to complete his tour ... and will be back next year. Here's a setlist of his concert in Blueberry Hill in June:

rock and roll!

what's up next?
Farin Urlaub comes to Hohenems and Russkaja to Dornbirn. Check out soundevent

Monday, November 17, 2008

I Am Kloot in concert

As part of their European Tour 2008, I Am Kloot from Manchester came to the Conrad Sohm in Dornbirn/Austria last Saturday, November 15 2008. Their support act, beginning around 9:00pm, was the Swiss band Mañana. Although they state their influences being Doves, U2 and The Verve, I'd say they're a nice mixture of Keane and Elbow. You should really check them out.

Then at 10pm, after having watched the support act from their merchandise table, I Am Kloot entered the stage and did a set of no less than 21+3 songs. Kicking off with their regular tour-starter "One Man Brawl" they played eleven more songs until the band left John Bramwell solo on stage. There he played two songs, including my favourite, Astray, solo on acoustic guitar to be later joined by the band again doing eight more songs including "Twist", "Proof" and "The Stars Look Familiar".
After having completed their regular set the about 500 people (my rough estimation) longed for more and got "The Same Deep Water As Me", "Down At the Front" and the most beautiful tune of the evening "To You".
Setlist - I Am Kloot, Dornbirn

I then managed to get their setlist signed by John after the concert - but not before telling him how great the show was ;-)

Check out their setlist on
What's up next in the Central European/Western Austrian Area? Chuck Berry's rockin Innsbruck, "Best German Act" EMA winners Fettes Brot in Hohenems, and a whole bunch more, have a look at SOUNDEVENT for details!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

City of the week: Philadelphia, PA

This week's city of the week is Philly. With its 1.5 million inhabitants it's the sixth largest city of the US and, of course, the largest in Pennsylvania. A city with such a size has a lot of concert locations - to present all of them I'd need some more blogposts apart from this one ... sounds like a good idea :-) Anyway, here are three locations:

The home of the Philadelphia Flyers, the 76ers, the Wings and Soul is the Wachovia center where some 20,000 people are allowed to get in whenever a major concert takes place. And quite a few did: Neil Diamond, Paul McCartney, David Bowie, KISS, U2 and many many (many!) more. Here two selected setlists:
A slightly smaller stadium is the Philadelphia Spectrum. Since its opening 41 years ago (almost to the day) it hosted a lot of concerts and hopefully will until its planned closing in September 2009.
The smallest venue I'd like to present you is the Electric Factory with a capacity of about 2,500 - 3,000. They host many many small concerts of known artists. E.g. the Kings of Leon and We are Scientists will play there today and tomorrow! Here some setlists:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pop idol of the week: Rihanna

20 year old Rihanna was born in Saint Michael, Barbados and is one of today's hottest acts. Her career began to be successful back in 2005 when she released her first album "Music of the sun" which became a top 40 hit a lot of countries. The next album "A Girl Like Me", released in April 2006 sold even better, before she finally topped charts around the world with both the album "Good Girl Gone Bad" and her single "Umbrella".

She's also on tour - steadily as it seems. Here's a setlist of her "Good Girl Gone Bad Tour" in 2007. As it is the rule for pop acts where a gig involves a huge amount of dancing and choreography, they don't change the setlist often.
 So what's up next? If you saw her touring and recording schedule, you'd say 'holidays' ...


Photo under CC licence by gamerscore (flickr)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

City of the week: Nashville, TN

It's another city of the week saturday today. I'm sure each one of you loyal and regular readers couldn't wait for another city of the week to come, right? This week's city is Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is located right in the center of Davidson Country and is, with its about 600,000 inhabitants the 25th largest city of the United States. It also hosts some nice concerts every now and then. 

The biggest arena for that is the Sommet Center (Formerly known as Gaylord Entertainment Center - was a good idea to rename the place, wasn't it? ;-) with a capacity of 20,000 for concerts. Check out the setlists of the following gigs that took place there:

A slightly smaller place is the Ryman Auditorium with a capacity of 2,362 where R.E.M. played in 2004:
An even smaller location is the Cannery Ballroom where 500 people rock the house. And they surely did last year when The White Stripes played there:
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rock and roll!

Photo under CC license from flickr (Sommet Center)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pop idol of the week: Pink

Another week, another Pop idol for all you rockers out there: crazy 29 year-old Alicia Moore from Pennsylvania, called Pink or P!nk - both pronounced pink" has been in business for quite a while now.

She just got out her fifth studio album called "Funhouse" on October 24 and announced a world tour for 2009. It's also the fifth tour she'll be on - and with her ever-growing success it's supposed to be the biggest tour ever. 

For those of you who can't wait for the tour to come and wondering what Pink's concerts are like, here a fine selection of some previous P!nk gigs of her "I'm Not Dead Tour" in 2006:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pop Idol of the Week: Britney Spears

If you're among the small audience who reads this blog, you might have noticed that the topics are quite rocky (rocky as in Rock & Roll). But there are however, in case you didn't know, pop concerts too - where they usually dance more, change clothing more often and sing less ... and playbacks aren't rare too.

So I thought a pop section would fit good into the blog. Let's kick off with one of the most successful pop idols of recent years ... well mostly successful as far as sales are concerned: Britney Spears

The now 26 old girl from Louisiana has, after a few tough years, finally an album out and is back with a hot video ... Womanizer ...
Here's a selection of some of their setlists played in various years:

Rumour has it that she'll be on tour in 2009, so stay tuned. You certainly gonna find her setlists on then!

rock and ... well pop today ;-)

Photo by flickr w/ CC licence

Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Amy Macdonald

Nowadays there are only a few artists who succeed both in peeking the charts of a lot of different countries and being liked by those who neglect the charts. One of those artists definitely is the 21 years old scottish girl Amy Macdonald.

Among the many singers/songwriters that have been emerging in recent years, she's one of the most sympathetic and natural ones ... ok there are many sympathetic ones, that's one attribute I generally like about singers/songwriters ;-)

Nonetheless, here some recent Amy Macdonald setlists - thanks to for sharing them on!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Festivaltime: Nova Rock

The festival season is over, well at least in Europe it is. It's just too cold here too sleep in a tent ... drunk. One of the finest rock festivals in Austria is the Nova Rock Festival in Nickelsdorf near Vienna. Existing since 2005 it's also one of the youngest festivals in central Europe. Compared to bigger ones such as Rock am Ring or Southside it has a quite intimate atmosphere. But that doesn't hinder top bands to play there. Among the headliner were names such as The Smashing Pumpkins, The Verve, Placebo or Metallica. 

But today I'd like to list some lesser known (but also famous ;-)) acts' setlists:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

City of the week: Kansas City

I'm sure you as a loyal and regular user noticed the change of this section's title. It's City of the week rather than City of the day ... hope you don't mind.

This week's city is Kansas City in Missouri. The city itself has an estimated population of about 447,000 and hosts a many fine concerts each year. Although mostly known for jazz and blues, Kansas City also rocks the night away!
Here a setlist selection of some cool concerts of the last years taken place in Kansas City, MO:

with a capacity of 1,700 the Uptown Theater is a rather small venue - nonetheless giants such as Beck is one played there
slightly bigger with 7,929 is a beautiful open-air venue, the Starlight Amphiteather, that hosted a Depeche Mode concert in 2006 during their Touring the Angel Tour
The biggest of the three is the new home of the Kansas City Brigade, the Sprint Center with a capacity of about 18,500. Among many others, The Boss and Bon Jovi played there this year
And of course, feel free to add more setlists on!

rock and roll!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekly setlist roundup

Another week's over and a new one's just begun ... ok, got me. I stole that line from a very famous artist. Among the many setlists has got for you, there were some more popular ones in the last week. Here's a selection of popular artists with their setlists ... call it 'charts' if you like ... 
But of course, that's only a selection. Check out more Coldplay, Tina Turner, In Flames, Queen and R.E.M. setlists on if you want!

And if you're really cool, you add and edit setlists on your own! ;-)

rock and roll!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Great reunions of great bands

There has been a tendency to reunions of big stars of the 60s and 70s recently. There are people who say that they're only doing it for money and there are others that say they're doing it to make even more money. Be it as it may. I love reunions as they give me the chance to see those faces and hear those voices I've known for so long live before they ... well ... meet Jim, Janis and the gang.

Here a fine selection of recent reunions' setlists:

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lollapolooza setlist highlights

Today I'm gonna show you some setlists of the finest acts of the famous Lollapolooza festival in Chicago of the last years

That's only a selection, checkout to find a whole bunch more Lollapolooza setlists!

rock and roll!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Depeche Mode announces tour

With a title that raises high expectations (Tour of the universe) Depeche Mode announces a stadium-tour through Europe in 2009. They didn't tell much about the upcoming tour on their press conference in Berlin's Olympic Stadium. They didn't even answer questions about the setlist :-) so here's what they played on their last tour ... some really fine tunes!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Free setlists of free concerts

Every once in a while some artists decide to do a free concert ... or some, mostly governential, institutions decide to organise a free event featuring a famous artist. Here's a selection of some nice and free concerts over the years. 

Sunday, October 5, 2008

City of the day: Munich

Munich, or München in German, is Germany's third largest city with about 1.22 Mio people living there. It's not only famous for one of the world's best football teams but also for the world's biggest beer fest currently taking place: the Oktoberfest.

But apart from kicking and boozing they also hosting some great gigs there. Here's a selection of well known artists' setlists of gigs they played in Munich:

Friday, October 3, 2008

A little hippie spirit to warm your heart

All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey ... at least here in central Europe. Winter is approaching fast and there's no escape. So I thought a little summer feeling from the summer of love will do fine. I'm proudly presenting some selected setlists of great Woodstock acts
... and yes I know apart from the real Woodstock, there was another one. Here's a setlist from that one in the summer of ... well not love but 1999 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chicago, New York and San Diego Rock Cities!

Some folks consider Detroit as the ultimate Rock City, but one user has a slightly different point of view and added some fine setlists of gigs taken place in Chicago, New York and San Diego ... bobbysox86 you really rock!

Here are some selected Chicago setlists:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's getting cold, concerts and setlists move to south

Bologna in Italy and Murcia in Spain were being rocked these days. Some fine artists, namely Coldplay and R.E.M., played there.

The Bologna gigs:
The Spanish gigs:
rock and roll!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Big ones on tour: Paul McCartney, Madonna and Coldplay setlists

Seems like the big ones have an agreement to save the world with rocking simultaneously! Despite terror and murder threats, ex-Beatle, living legend Paul McCartney rocked Tel-Aviv yesterday after personal invitation as the Beatles were not allowed to play in Israel in the 60s.

After Madonna's great gig on Vienna's Donauinsel she did an amazing performance in Montenegro yesterday

And last but not least Coldplay rocked Vienna the day before yesterday just one day after Madonna.

rock and roll!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We're on! Setlists as far as the eye can see!

Now it's official, is online. We not only filled the database with recent events such as
but also with real classics such as
As is completely free and wiki-like, you're warmly welcome to add setlists of concerts you like, review existing setlists and discuss about them!

Rock and roll!