Thursday, October 28, 2010

We need your help: please vote for

We just got nominated for this year's "TechCrunch Europe - Best Music Startup 2010".

That rocks, but now we need your help: please click on the link above and vote for We promise to come up with some cool new features if you do :-)


the team

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New way to add Intros, Outros and Intermissions

Time for another update! One of the top ideas in our feature forum was "Be able to add intros without them being counted as songs".
We introduced a new tag today: @Tape. Whenever you annotate a song with this new tag, it won't show up in the statistics - but will in the setlist of course. Just have a look at the updated guidelines to learn how to use the tag. Or have a look at this Elvis Presley setlist to see it in action (the first song is a tape-intro).


the team

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Song Statistics!

First of all cheers to all who suggested and supported ideas in the feature forum on uservoice. We're currently discussing and implementing some of the most wanted features. The first update went online some hours ago: Song Statistics.

Simply click on a song in a setlist and get facts and figures about each and every song.
  • Pie chart and list of artists that sang the song
  • Date and venue of first live performance
  • Date and venue of last (or most recent) live performance
  • Bar chart and list of years when the song was played
  • and that's just the beginning ;-)

Hope you like it - and stay tuned for more new stuff in the next weeks!

rock on

the team