Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Your own, personal, song statistics!

Again, a new feature on setlist.fm. Requested by Jay some weeks ago, it's now online, and it's even fancier than expected:
Mark setlists as "attended" and see your concert and song statistics by artist and/or year. Here's how it works:

1. Add Gigs
Add gigs simply by adding you as attendee

2. View your statistics
Navigate to your profile and click on "Concerts" - there they are!
3. Compare with other users
Go to other users' profile and look what they attended. A highlighted artist means that both you and the other user attended a concert of this artist. If a concert is highlighted, you even attended the very same concert!

Have fun with the new stuff, digg your stats, stumble them, Show them to your friends and - most importantly - tell us what you think about it!

PS: also digg and stumble this entry to spread the news ;-) 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Now supporting Facebook connect!

News from the feature department: setlist.fm is now supporting Facebook connect!

1. What is Facebook connect and what's my benefit?
If you've got a Facebook account, you can use your facebook email address and your facebook password to log into setlist.fm. Then your friends on facebook can see in their feed whenever you
  • added a setlist, 
  • edited a setlist, 
  • left a comment and 
  • more to come.
Of course you can choose which data to publish in your feed. And, needless to say: don't worry we won't save any of your personal data! For more details, take a look at the Facebook connect entry on Facebook's blog.
2. How to connect
2.1. Existing Users
Just sign in with your setlist.fm username/mailaddress and password, hit the connect button in the top bar and fill in your facebook credentials.

2.2. New Users
If you don't want to have a dedicated setlist.fm account and just want to use the fancy feed stuff, just hit the connect button and provide your facebook credentials.
If you've got problems connecting your facebook account, don't hesitate to contact us! And if you like setlist.fm - why not become a fan of the application? You can also discuss about setlist.fm-facebook features there. 

Monday, January 12, 2009

MIA. in concert

After the relaxing but concertless holidays, the live performances are finally back - even in rural areas. One of the first bands coming back on stage in Austria was the very successful german band MIA. consisting of Bob (B), Gunnar (D), Ingo (G, KB), Andy (G) and Mieze (V). 

As part of their "Willkommen im Club" (=~ Join the Club) tour they started the 2009 leg in Hohenems/Austria. The band obviously had a lot of fun performing as they broke the 2 hours threshold - they played 23 songs including 3 encore sets. Another highlight of the show was when vocalist Mieze asked a fan (named "Heidi" - very fitting for a concert in the alps isn't it?) to join her on stage to dance the Viennese waltz, the most typical Austrian dance, with her.
Here's the setlist:
Another great soundevent gig. Check out soundevent.at for more gigs in the Western Austrian/Eastern Swiss/South German area!