Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Average Setlists now open to the public

We're happy to announce that our response to our feedback forum's top suggestion is now open to the public: Average setlists. You'll find them in the artist statistics, where you'll find a new row of tabs (see screenshot below) with the first two stats being the (well known) song statistics and the second one the new average setlist.

You're now able to see average setlists based on year or tour. As average setlists of all concerts ever played by an artist generally doesn't yield sensible results, we chose best not to show it at all.

Here's an example: Metallica's average setlist from 1984:

Hope you like it! And again, if you think that some average setlist don't make any sense at all, please leave a comment in the thread in our feedback forum. We'll then tweak the algorithm until the average setlists rock even more :-)