Wednesday, October 15, 2008

City of the week: Kansas City

I'm sure you as a loyal and regular user noticed the change of this section's title. It's City of the week rather than City of the day ... hope you don't mind.

This week's city is Kansas City in Missouri. The city itself has an estimated population of about 447,000 and hosts a many fine concerts each year. Although mostly known for jazz and blues, Kansas City also rocks the night away!
Here a setlist selection of some cool concerts of the last years taken place in Kansas City, MO:

with a capacity of 1,700 the Uptown Theater is a rather small venue - nonetheless giants such as Beck is one played there
slightly bigger with 7,929 is a beautiful open-air venue, the Starlight Amphiteather, that hosted a Depeche Mode concert in 2006 during their Touring the Angel Tour
The biggest of the three is the new home of the Kansas City Brigade, the Sprint Center with a capacity of about 18,500. Among many others, The Boss and Bon Jovi played there this year
And of course, feel free to add more setlists on!

rock and roll!


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