Sunday, October 5, 2008

City of the day: Munich

Munich, or München in German, is Germany's third largest city with about 1.22 Mio people living there. It's not only famous for one of the world's best football teams but also for the world's biggest beer fest currently taking place: the Oktoberfest.

But apart from kicking and boozing they also hosting some great gigs there. Here's a selection of well known artists' setlists of gigs they played in Munich:


Kanwal Liaquat said...
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Andrew Lewis said...

I have always been a great supporter of Bayern Munich, I just love the strategies of this club; commendable!!! However, I was planning to visit Munich this September after getting good hnd assignment help from experts. And now that you have mentioned this Oktober fest, it is October then! I mean what’s better than such a win-win situation hahaha

Confidus Solutions said...

Interesting figures on German culture: "People in Germany consume 0.5 liters of alcohol per capita every year. This volume consists of 53.6% beer, 27.8% wine, 18.6% distilled alcohol, 0% other alcohol. "