Monday, November 24, 2008

Die Toten Hosen are back!

Mach das Flutlicht an (turn on the floodlights) ... one of Germany's most popular rock bands is back on tour: Die Toten Hosen from Düsseldorf (photo with Bob Geldof). It's their first major tour after their 2004/2005 "Friss oder Stirb" world tour that also led them to Argentina, where they're quite popular as well. 

Now after more than three years, they're back with a huge setlist of 33 songs in Mannheim and 35 songs in Chemnitz. Their tour "Machmalauter" features 23 venues. 21 of them in Germany, one in Vienna/Austria and one in Zürich/Switzerland. Just like AC/DC, their concerts sold out immediately.

If you're among the lucky ones who did manage to get tickets for their gigs or if you're just interested in what they play this year, just visit Die Toten Hosen setlists on regularily, and you won't be disappointed ;-)

rock and roll!

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Photo by u2005 (flickr)

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Pest Control said...

This is great news! Good music should live forever. My friend hooked me up to this group. He works for the pest control service and listens to them all day long. He literally knows all the words by heart. Says that music helps him to thoroughly clean the premises from insects and do his job faster