Friday, April 17, 2009

Fancy Setlist Bookmarklet for Users

Today, I was doing some administration of our feedback forum. First of all, it's great to get your feedback and suggestions! Thanks, you all rock! Please keep on suggesting your ideas. We'll try really hard to get your ideas into our site. We're sorry that we only completed 2 ideas so far. The reason is that we are currently working on a new project - top secret, but we'll let you know ;)

I felt really bad when I had to decline a suggestion - sorry for that, really. However, this idea inspired me to create a cool bookmarklet for all users out there. Clicking this bookmarklet on a event page (e.g. The Kooks in Munich) will take you to the setlist on - and import it, if the event is in the past and doesn't exist yet.

Simply drag and drop this link to your bookmarks and try it yourself: Last2Setlist

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Subways in Concert at Conrad Sohm/Austria

It was hot. It was packed. It was sweaty. It was awesome! Having rocked Japan, Australia and the Netherlands, English alternative-rock band The Subways from Welvyn Garden City finally made it to Austria and stayed for an evening at the Conrad Sohm in Dornbirn.

Entering the stage at around 10p.m. they started off Kalifornia, a new song from their 2008 album All or Nothing. They rocked on - non stop for four more songs - until the first chords of Mary made the crowd slow down a bit. But as the chorus roared out of the amplifiers the 500 people got mad again: fans hit the stage, trying to kiss Charlotte on the cheek and then got pulled down by the security personnel (one succeeded though), a tiny Wall of Death and pogo throughout the rest of the concert.

With a speed of 15 songs per hour, what seemed like no more than ten minutes, they left the crowd shouting for more. Guitarist Billy Lunn took his semi-acoustic and started playing Strawberry Blonde, a ballad about his relationship with bass-player Charlotte Cooper. The importance of this songs also reflects in his tattoo saying "Strawberry Blonde" across his waist. After a minute Charlotte and drummer Josh Morgan joined the stage to end the song together. Rocking the house then again with Boys & Girls, the Subways decided to blow the club into pieces by closing the show with Rock & Roll Queen. With an extended version consisting of some great singalongs due to Billy's infamous interaction with the crowd and his stage-dive climaxing in a shot of Schnaps and half a pint of beer on the bar, they finished the show with a translated version of the second verse:

Du bist die Sonne
Du bist die einzige
Du bist so cool
Austria is Rock and Roll!

Find the whole setlist on
A scan of the original setlist is available on the facebook-page (where you must become a fan ;-)). The Subways promised to come back, I doubt, however, that the club will be big enough if word gets round how they rocked the house.

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