Monday, March 29, 2010

A concert map and enhanced setlist statistics

Due to popular demand - and because of the music craziness of the whole team - we created some new statistics for you. Apart from the song statistics and the new and enhanced average setlist we introduced some weeks ago - there's now more information about your favourite artist on tour: first off the concert map that illustrates in which countries your fav artist performed how many times. There's a screenshot showing the Rolling Stones' concert map below.
Click on a country and you'll get a detailed view of the states they performed in. Additionally there are two tabs "Covered" and "With". The former contains statistics on what artists and songs were covered - the latter lists which other artists joined your favourite artist on stage. E.g. did you know that Sheryl Crow joined the Rolling Stones on stage 12 times? Or that the song the Stones covered the most is Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone"? Interesting, isn't it? :-) As usual there's the possibility to view the statistics per year or per tour, just click on the year or tour in the left column.

But there's even more: the stats described in the former paragraph can all be found in the "Tour Statistics" section of every artist. However there's a new tab: "Other statistics" that currently contains two subcategories "Covers" and "Joined". The former lists who covered the artist you're looking at and the latter lists guest appearances of your favourite artist. And that's quite interesting too - or did you know that Paul McCartney once joined Neil Young on stage?

Have fun with the new statistics!


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