Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Song Statistics!

First of all cheers to all who suggested and supported ideas in the feature forum on uservoice. We're currently discussing and implementing some of the most wanted features. The first update went online some hours ago: Song Statistics.

Simply click on a song in a setlist and get facts and figures about each and every song.
  • Pie chart and list of artists that sang the song
  • Date and venue of first live performance
  • Date and venue of last (or most recent) live performance
  • Bar chart and list of years when the song was played
  • and that's just the beginning ;-)

Hope you like it - and stay tuned for more new stuff in the next weeks!

rock on

the team


mattjo said...

hey i really like the old layout back becuse used to like it ok there must something to get to back / and also add tour on add setlist
page useed to be on there i really want all this this back ok ps rock on

Unknown said...

Not sure if you forgot "the blood" on the unplugged set list,
But you definitely forgot "letters to elise", one of the best unplugged songs, on your supposed set list...
It is incomplete....
I have a ticket , when I met him with only 8 other people after the "Prayer" tour, he wrote, "Love Robby"
Just get all your fact straight if you are going to attempt to post such important information.
If you need help, I will give you more than you will ever know in your lifetime about "The Cure" .
I am not trying to be condescending, I just want to help make this stuff more accurate, and I happen to have a wealth of knowledge on "The Cure" specifically.

Unknown said...

nice update you got here love to see more of this you can check out

Unknown said...

I am sure the Barrel archive would reveal trully significant memories. Is a view of previous artists possibly goin to be put on the web it would be impressive as I remember when I lived in the city in 1969-70!

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