Monday, January 25, 2010 API

We're proud to announce the first version of the new Application Programming Interface (what's an application programming interface?).

The API has been designed to give you easy access to setlist data in order to build fancy websites and other applications. So there's no need for homegrown scrapers like this one anymore :-). Before starting to use the API, be sure to ...

  1. ... understand how works (the FAQ and the Guidelines are a good starting point),
  2. ... read the API documentation carefully,
  3. ... apply for an API key (link for logged in users only) - if you're no registered user yet, then register first (it's free). You'll need the API key for some of the API's methods and
  4. ... place an attribution link to wherever you use data from (as explained in the API terms of service)

If this documentation isn't enough or if you've got other things you'd like to tell us about the API, visit the API Forum.

Note that the API is, according to the API terms of service, only free for non-commercial projects. If you're interested in using the API for commercial purposes, contact us.

Please also note that this first version of the API is a beta version and some methods might be added/removed/changed in the future. As mentioned, just give us your thoughts in the Forum.

rock and roll!


Miri said...

Thanks for the great API!
I use it since you designed it :)
Very helpful!


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