Thursday, December 17, 2009

Introducing the new Forum

After working hard on the internals of for some weeks, here's a new visible feature for all of you setlist people: the forum.
If you've got any question how a thing on works or how you should deal with a special case in a setlist or if you just want to share your feelings about a concert, artist or anything - go ahead and post it.

The reason for adding a (some might call it old-school-) forum was simple: comments to a setlist are great, but they just apply to the specific setlist and some interesting discussions might get lost ... no worries anymore, post them to the forum. Or imagine if a person is looking for a setlist that isn't in the database yet, where to post it? The answer is: the forum.

We started with a few categories that might get adapted and enhanced in the course of time. Also, as it is with every feature on the website, we'll improve the forum with new features you'd like to have!

Hope you like it!

P.S.: To post new topics and entries, you'll have to have a free account.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i want the old HTML one back

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