Monday, February 16, 2009

More precise statistics, neat autocorrection and moderators

Having realised that the song statistics for artists, tours, years and users rock but lack a bit of cleanliness, we decided to improve that stuff. Now the statistics not only base on the name of the songs but also on the covered artist (and are case sensitive to keep the whole thing even cleaner). Here's how it looked before:
and now the cover's there too:
The second new thing is an (optional) autocorrection feature on adding or editing selists. It uses heuristics of already present songs to determine which song was meant. Sounds complicated - well it is, but only behind the scences. Here are some examples how the autocorrection works. 

If you come across users with badges next to their user name and are wondering what that means: either click on their names and read what it says on their profile page ... or just read on. They're moderators. Trusted users who are allowed to do a bit more than the regular user is allowed to do. And also if it comes to conflicts, they are the one you have to convince ;-)

Here's a list of's Roadies ;-)


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