Wednesday, March 4, 2009 hits the blogosphere

We had slightly more visitors last week, due to a blogpost on springwise - so we thought about tuning the site a bit, but as we had to do some other tasks first we decided to postpone it for a day or two...

And that was an hour before it happened: on Mashable. Boom. The visitors skyrocketed for a few hours (well not the visitors but the numbers, you know what I mean) and we had to do some emergency tuning to keep the site up and running ... and of course we succeeded :-)

We were also very really pleased about the reactions the article caused, here's a short list of nice follow-up blog posts in different languages:
and a tweets best-of (by the way: follow us)
We received some really valuable feedback as well - so if you've got any suggestions for improvements contact us. Furthermore we're thinking about using a fancy feedback system such as uservoice to let you (the best users in the world) decide even more what features you'd like to see next. We're still looking for the best system though, so if you have experience with one, just post a comment :-)


Anonymous said...

You missed this one :) (spanish)

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