Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Updates on the new edit form

Major changes usually come with different sorts of criticism. The new setlist add and edit form was no difference. We've been collecting your opinions ever since the start of the new edit form some two weeks ago and took your suggestions by heart. The edit form should now be both easier to use for novice editors and more efficient for experienced editors. So without much further ado, here are the main changes:

One mandatory step instead of three

It's not necessary anymore to navigate through three steps in order to add a setlist. It's sufficient to  add artist, venue and date in order to create a setlist. You'll then be redirected to the page where you can add the songs, but this isn't mandatory anymore as the setlist has already been created after submitting the initial form.
Previously there was a second step that allowed you to select tour and assign a festival. Now, this step got moved out of the creation process. If autocorrection is enabled (it's enabled by default), the tour will be selected automatically. You can always add/edit a setlist's tour or festival after submitting the setlist or by clicking the "Edit tour & festival" link on any setlist or search result.

New edit setlist component

The edit setlis links got a nice little update. Click the arrow after the link and choose what you'd like to edit.

Hope you enjoy the updates. Feel free to comment on it in the forum.


mattjo said...

i really want a revert button ok to see the setlist fm layout

Bill Woodland said...

Here's an event you don't have in your listing:

Grand Funk Railroad with Bloodrock, April 7, 1971 in San Antonio, TX at the Municipal Auditorium.

says Civic Arena, but it's the same as the Municipal Auditorium.

I was there. First concert I ever went to. I was just shy of 16 years old. The set list was essentially what is on the Live album:

I was in the sideline bleachers, you might call seat 1, row 7. I could see it all. It was great. Great!

Bloodrock was a Dallas band who had a pretty big hit with a song called "DOA" from their second album. I have their first and second albums in mp3 format, and I love both.

Unknown said...

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