Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Features Explained: New Edit Form

UPDATE: with your help we've improved the form further, please read the updates on the edit form.

Since the end of the last year, setlist.fm has a so-called responsive design, that aims to give you an optimal viewing experience no matter what device you're using.

The only part of the website that still remained "a bit" tedious to use for all other devices than a desktop computer was the edit form. So today, after months of testing and developing, we've launched the new edit form.

The new form is a 3-step wizard that should make it easier for you to add and edit setlists on both your mobile and desktop device. There's a new tutorial that explains how to add and edit setlists by three short videos, although it's actually quite easy anyway. Here are some features that aren't explained in detail but will help new and experienced users to add and edit setlists even faster and better:

Line-by-line form vs. big text field

On the third page of the wizard, there's a tab that lets you switch between the line-by-line form and the text field. If you don't like to switch tabs each time you edit a setlist, head over to your user settings and select "Text Field" in the "Preferred Edit Format"

Share your location on the "Add setlist" page

If you share your location, venues near you will show up higher in the venue autocomplete text field. That's basically the only reason why the page asks for your location. Less typing for you. We don't perform any other actions with the location you share with us on this page.

Power Editors

For "Power Editors" that add whole tours of their favourite artists, there's the option to display a "power editor form" after submitting a setlist. You'll find the setting to display it on your user settings page. You'll see that you're even faster with the wizard than you were before with the old form.

The green part is the "Power Editor form"

Assigning a setlist to a festival

We have also improved the selection of festivals. More relevant and nearer festivals to the venue you've selected are now preferred and we made the list pageable.

Losing your connection while adding a setlist

Internet connections on concerts and festivals are often very unstable. So adding a setlist at the concert itself might result in losing the connection midway through the concert. This then often gets combined with an accidental reload (or a reload triggered by your smartphone).
To solve this problem we use HTML5 Web storage to save your current setlist for you even without active internet connection.
You'll always be able to restore your edits as long as you use the same device and haven't submitted the setlist (in the latter case the setlist will be stored on our servers anyway, so there's even less need to worry).

So, now that you know more about the reasons why there's a new editor, please try it out and post your opinions - positive and negative ones - to the forum.

tl;dr: new edit form, have fun and/or complain in the forum


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