Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Albums now online!

Today's update is massive.

It has been the top feature request for well over a year - but now it's finally online: Albums!
If you ever wondered which songs from which albums were played on a concert - or will be played on a tour or how's the total distribution of all albums, then you will love this new stuff.

1. Albums for a setlist
A list of albums appear right next to each setlist along with a neat pie chart:

2. Albums as part of an artist's statistics
We also integrated the albums in the tour statistics. You can filter by tour or by year. E.g. here's what albums (and the amount of songs) R.E.M. played during their "Accelerate" Tour:

3. Data
You might find out that the albums of your favourite artist have not yet been imported. Just give it a little time - over the next weeks, every artist's albums should be available.

4. Facelift
The pie and column charts of the song statistics were also replaced with the interactive charts that are used for the album stats.

Hope you like it!



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