Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New stuff all over the site

During the last couple of weeks we dealed with most of your requests on uservoice and are now happy to present to you the new version of! Here in brief what we did:

1. Support Bands and Dealing with Festivals
There were many good suggestions on how to deal with support bands and festivals but most of them either contained having a designated field when editing or a new tag. We wanted to avoid that and did the following: Setlists of the same venue within the same couple of days are now neatly arranged in the new, wider right column. Just have a look at this Kaizer Chiefs setlist to see it in action. Just be sure that the name of the venues match, if you're unsure about the format to use, have a look at the new adapted guidelines. Support bands can also be found there (same venue, same day), see this R.E.M. setlist for an example.

Bonus: we also added a timeline right below the festival/support band/same day and venue feature - showing the concerts before and after the one you're currently looking at

2. Links on setlist page to add setlists more easily
For those rocking people out there who add more than one setlist of the same artist (and probably same tour) there are now two links on the setlist page. One next to the artist name and the other one next to the tour name (if present). Clicking on that will open the "add setlist" page prefilled with artist and tour.

3. Empty setlists
There was a request asking for a list of empty setlists to encourage users to fill them in. We added the possibility in our advanced search to limit your search to setlists with content or without content (non-empty and empty).

4. Statistics on start page
There are now statistics on the start page showing the amount of setlists (with content!), different artists (with at least one setlist) and tours. Already a pretty impressing figure :-)

5. Play the entire setlist
Clicking on the play button next to a song in the setlist used to play only one song and needed another click on the next item to play the next song. Fortunately that's no longer the case! The next song starts automatically after the previous one ended - so re-listen the whole setlist without further ado :-)

6. Bonus: Autocompletion for tour
The tour field now also offers autocompletion - but please be aware that all tours are taken into consideration, not just the tour of the current artist.

Tell us how you like the new stuff by either commenting to this article, by email or if you'd like to suggest new stuff, in our uservoice forum.
rock and roll!


yomismamente said...

awesome!! setlist even better than before!

RIGuitarGod said...

I think it's great how it shows the supporting acts on there...

But is there a way you can make it so that when I go to my profile page, when it says how many concerts I've been to, it contains acts from the same show as one concert? Instead of three different acts from the same concert counting as 3 concerts?

Just something to consider...

Kante Luis said...

thank you

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