Friday, December 12, 2008

New features and adapted guidelines

Today a major update went online and we improved and added quite a bit. So what's new? Here the new features in brief, but please consider having a look at the guidelines, especially at the new example to read the details.

1. Unknown songs
If you're sure there was a song, but you don't know its name, it's now possible to add an @Unknown tag. Example:
2. @Info for whole concerts
If not only a song but the whole concert was special, add @Info[your text] in the very last line of the setlist. Thanks to Jay for suggesting that one.
3. Gravatars is now supporting avatars from, just upload your gravatar there and it'll be included into your profile, your edits and your comments automagically (if you use the same email address). 

4. on twitter, myspace and
To stay uptodate what's happening on, follow us on twitter - don't worry we'll be tweeting no more than once or twice a week - don't be irritated from previous tweets, we'll change that behaviour. If you're on, add us as friend - the same applies for myspace!

5. Thanks
Thanks to all of you boys and girls out there that are keeping the setlist-statistics clean and that keep on adding setlists! Thanks to Luis, Luis, leglessmoof, RobinBeau, raistnaarson, tgelbrecht, emicom and all the others!